0 2021

by Rachel Hutchisson, Business Doing Good & Blackbaud, Inc. 

So here we are, at the end of our fourth official series on Business Doing Good.

To make your life easier, I’ve combined all the posts on “being green” into one handy PDF document called Caring about the Environment at Your Small Business.  I welcome you to download it for later or to pop back to the site whenever you feel it’s the right time.

My goal with all my posts and these PDFed series is to provide helpful, practical guidance at the right time.  I know how it works.  You’re reading something on the web and find yourself on a new site.  You like what you see but aren’t always ready to jump right in.  That’s why I put together the resources section on Business Doing Good.  It’s a place to keep the advice, nicely packaged, for the day when you ARE ready. 

If you haven’t checked out this section before, take a look.  I’ve posted an introductory conversation on why “doing good is good for small business,” a guide to creating a giving plan, one on creating a volunteer plan, and now this resource on being green.

I hope you’re enjoying the journey we’re on together.  If you’re implementing any of the ideas or know of a small-to-mid-sized business I should feature, get in touch at BusinessDoingGood@blackbaud.com.

Rachel Hutchisson (@RachelHutchssn) is VP, Corporate Citizenship & Philanthropy at Blackbaud, Inc., a 2,700-person technology company that works exclusively with nonprofit organizations. She built the company’s “give back” function from the ground up, relying on expertise she gained in over two decades of working at the intersection of the business world and the nonprofit sector. Rachel is a member of the #GivingTuesday core advisory team, leads her company’s involvement in the Billion+Change pro-bono initiative, and serves on the boards of the Association of Fundraising Professionals International, The Giving Institute, and the Coastal Community Foundation. She is also a member of the core team that launched TEDxCharleston in 2013. She is a graduate of Dickinson College and received a master’s degree from the University of Missouri School of Journalism.


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